Assessment and evaluation of student learning through a project-based assignment on Note by Note cooking

Róisín M. Burke, Pauline Danaher


Many innovative teaching and learning methods are used in higher level education including project-based learning (PBL). Since 2012 a PBL assignment project has been undertaken by master students of the Advanced Molecular Gastronomy module at Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin). The aim is to stimulate student learning and creativity by using Note by Note cooking in a PBL assignment while at the same time complying with the requirements of the annual International Note by Note contest which is held in Paris, France. Direct and indirect assessment methods were used to assign individual grades and to gather student feedback about the module. The direct methods were both formative and summative. The indirect method used was a student feedback questionnaire. Results to date (2012-2019) showed that 92% of learners successfully passed the module. However, further evaluation of individual assessment results revealed that most students achieved higher scores for finding and using resources, asking further questions and developing their own answers than for analysing, synthesising and evaluating information (P≤0.01). Overall students were happy with the module content and said that they learnt about Note by Note cooking, chemical compounds, researching, independent-thinking and perseverance. In future students should carry out a more in-depth analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information.


Molecular gastronomy; project-based learning; Note by Note cooking

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