Sourdoughs used in the preparation of traditional breads in the province of Figuig in eastern Morocco

Sara Moujabbir, Abdelghani Aboukhalaf, Adil Kalili, Kaoutar Naciri, Khadija Sahel, João Miguel Rocha, Rekia Belahsen


To gather recipes for traditional sourdoughs used to bake traditional bread, a survey was conducted in Figuig, a town located in the southeast of Morocco. The data of this survey is collected from a random sample of 100 rural women using a structured questionnaire. The data shows a total of 17 different traditional recipes mentioned by the interviewed women. Among the ingredients used in these recipes, whole wheat flour and warm water had the highest percentage of citations (31 %). It was also observed that 9 local products were used in these sourdough recipes, including whey, locally called “leben†(19 %), dried beans (16 %) and dates (15 %). Lemon, garlic, dried figs, raisins, flax seeds and carob flour were also mentioned as ingredients (1%). The participants also stated that the sourdoughs are transferred to different shapes and types of utensils for incubation and were alive for a variable amount of time depending on climatic conditions.


Food survey; sourdough; traditional recipe; figuig

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