Views of Food Stakeholders on Packaging Factors

Aggeliki Konstantoglou, Naoum Tsolakis, Dimitris Folinas, Thomas Fotiadis


Packaging has an enabling role in supply chains (SCs) as it facilitates a range of functions, specifically (i) marketing; (ii) logistics and SC management; (iii) food technology; and (iv) environmental protection. This study explores the appreciation towards certain food packaging factors and attributes by consumers and industrial experts for a range of food product types. Primary data was collected through a questionnaire in the Greek market and then analysed using a 1-way ANOVA and the Tukey test. The study findings reveal that food SC stakeholders mainly appreciate packaging attractiveness. Other attributes that promote environmental sustainability and facilitate logistics operations were of high importance as well.


Food packaging factors; Food packaging attributes; Food supply chains; Food product types

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