Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Physicochemical Properties of Beef Sausages Enriched with an Aqueous Extract of Senduduk (Melastoma malabathricum L.) Leaf

. Suharyanto, Henny Nuraini, Tuti Suryati, Irma Isnafia Arief, Dondin Sajuthi


The use of natural products in sausages has become a new trend for health reasons. A natural product that could be incorporated into sausages is an extract of the senduduk (Melastoma malabathricum L.) leaf. Senduduk is an abundant shrub herb in Indonesia. This kind of plant is mostly used as a traditional medical remedy and as an ingredient in some culinary recipes. This study was carried out to investigate the effect of an aqueous extract of senduduk leaf (SLE) on the antioxidant, antimicrobial and physicochemical properties of beef sausage. Four treatments were used: ingredients consisting of beef, vegetable oil, skim milk, tapioca, salt, phosphate, ice cubic, garlic, pepper, dan nutmeg as a Control; the Control ingredients plus 0.01% of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT); the Control ingredients plus 0.83% of SLE (SLE-1), and the Control ingredients plus 1.1% of SLE (SLE-2). All ingredients of each formula were homogenously blended and the sausage mix was cooked. The addition of BHT and SLE affected the proximate composition, with the moisture content decreasing as the duration of chilled storage increased. The addition of SLE lowered the pH and aw value and both tended to increase during chilled storage. SLE also enhanced the WHC of the sausages which increased in value during chilled storage. The addition of BHT and SLE could increase the antioxidant activity of the sausages as indicated by scavenging DPPH free radicals. SLE in sausages could inhibit microbial growth during chilled storage. It can be summarized that the addition of an aqueous extract of senduduk could improve the physicochemical, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of beef sausages.


Antioxidant; Antibacterial; Beef sausages; Melastoma malabathricum; Physicochemical

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